Universal Language Services™ Interpreters are simply the best.

Over the years Universal Language Services™ has acquired the ability to discern the qualities that make an interpreter excel in his or her field. Our interpreters are simply the best. They possess outstanding source and target language proficiency. They represent you. They become your voice in your witness’ or audience’s language. Conversely, they relay the respondent’s complete meaning back to you without paraphrasing. Our interpreters have the cultural ability to extricate – and translate – the correct meaning of the spoken word taking into account such issues as cultural context, colloquialisms and even intonation as it may affect content. Our interpreters are experienced and familiar with the protocols required for each particular assignment, be it an EUO, an SIU statement, a deposition, a mediation session, a trial, a medical examination, a meeting, an international conference or any other setting. Our interpreters are punctual, courteous and highly mindful of your confidentiality requirements. Continue reading about what interpreters do.


Universal Language Services™ rates for On-site interpreting and document translating are available to our clients and potential clients upon request. In the South Florida Tri-county area, we usually have a one-hour minimum with no travel time. Last minute requests, remote area locations and unusually rare languages for the area may entail two-hour minimums and some travel time. We confirm rates and out-of-the-ordinary charges with our clients at the time of setting the assignment. Assignments in Southwest Florida, the Tampa Bay area, Central Florida and points north often require a two-hour minimum and some travel expenses. Moreover, some exotic languages and remote locations may at times trigger a 24-hour cancellation window. In these cases, ULS advises the client at time of booking. In order to avoid a late cancellation minimum fee, please cancel at least three hours prior to the scheduled assignment starting time. Exotic languages require a 2 + hour cancellation notice.


Universal Language Services™ carries Professional Liabilty (Errors & Omissions) insurance with limits of $1Million per occurrence and $1Million aggregate, in addition to our General Liability coverage.


Our extensive customer list is available to our clients and potential clients wishing to obtain references about Universal Language Services™.

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