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Thirty Plus Years of Combined Industry Experience
Universal Language Services’ core offerings include on-site interpretation and document translation in over one hundred languages. ULS principals Ed Mangones, President and Patrick Coupet, Vice President have thirty plus years of combined experience in the profession, contributing to making ULS the best language service provider in the industry in the State of Florida and beyond.

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On-Site Interpreting

On-Site interpreters in 100 different languages.
Also called “in-person interpreting,” this delivery method requires the interpreter to be physically present (on site) in order for the interpretation to take place.

In on-site interpreting settings, all of the parties who wish to speak to one another are usually located in the same place. This is by far the most common model used for most public and social service settings. Universal Language Services ™ (“ULS”) provides seasoned professional language interpreters and translators.

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Document Translation

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The goal of a translator is to have people read the translation as if it were the original. To do that, the translator must be able to write sentences that flow as well as the original did while keeping the ideas and facts of the original accurate.

Translators must consider any cultural references, including slang, and other expressions that do not translate literally. Translators must read the original language fluently.

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  • We Have a Bilingual Attorney!
    Mayday! Mayday! You need an interpreter for a deposition and have a bilingual attorney on staff, so should you wing it? Being bilingual does not necessarily make one a good interpreter. Bilinguals may speak two languages fluently but moving information from one language to another takes training, experience and practice. Professional interpreters are trained to get the message across. Interpreting Continue Reading...

About Us

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Universal Language Services Corp (ULS) provides professional solutions whenever and wherever there is a language barrier to effective communication. In 2007, ULS was established with the mission to provide language services in the State of Florida and beyond. Seven years later, the ULS database includes thousands of language experts throughout the United States as well as in several other countries, offering interpretation and translation services in over two hundred languages.

Ed Mangones and Patrick Coupet, the principals of ULS, are themselves experienced language interpreters - professionals who have been in the business of providing first rate interpreters and translators for the past fifteen years.

Our interpreters and translators are punctual, courteous and highly mindful of your confidentiality requirements.

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